The Problem

CO2emissions from widespread use of fossil fuels in homes, factories and transport are the single biggest contributor to global warming.

The environmental impacts of global warming are increasingly palpable in today’s world, including more frequent and extreme weather and rising sea levels due to the rapid melting of glaciers and ice sheets.

Over 50% of global CO2 emissions are from high temperature processes.
82% of the total energy supply in the UK is from fossil fuels.
Millions are spent each year to curtail (stop) renewable energy during low-demand, high production periods.
Supply of renewable energy is constrained by location.
The UK and global 2050 net zero emissions target means companies need to implement suitable decarbonisation solutions.
Our Solution

Exergy3 technology can utilise curtailed renewable power by using and storing it at times when energy demand is low and supply is high, by converting it to thermal energy. This stored energy can then be supplied as heat at the high temperatures needed for thermal and industrial processes.

This means Exergy3:

Removes the need to burn fossil fuels to achieve high temperature heat, so cutting associated carbon emissions.
Supports network flexibility by acting as a decarbonised balancing mechanism, ensuring that renewable energy is not wasted.
Better energy price stability by partially decoupling operations from energy price volatility. Also, provides the opportunity for additional revenue by participating in demand side response.
Compliance with decarbonisation regulation.  
Has a multitude of applications that meet current needs and support future solutions such as district heating systems.

The Advantages of EXERGY3

Versus alternative decarbonisation solutions such as hydrogen, carbon capture and electric boilers we are:

More flexibility in application.
Cheaper in OPEX.
Closer to market readiness.

Unique Selling Points

High Capacity

8 MWh/module at 1200°C

High Efficiency

Minimal daily losses

Easy Transportation

On a standard ISO container base

Easy Installation

Minimal civil engineering works


Compact, easily combinable systems to meet storage requirements

Simultaneous Charge & Discharge

For those uninterruptible
24-hour processes

Variable Outputs

Temperature and flowrate-controlled output conditions

The Applications

Exergy3’s approach is unusually strong in its ability to address all of these needs: flexibility revenue supporting industrial competitiveness, reduced exposure to energy prices, and “grid-friendly” electrification of industrial heat.

Dr Alastair Martin

Chief Strategy Officer, Flexitricity

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Let’s work together

Speak to us to hear how our flexible, affordable decarbonisation technology can benefit you now and in the future.
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