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Process Decarbonisation 

Sooner and cheaper than the alternatives

Industrial Smoke

Exergy3 is a spin-out of The University of Edinburgh.

Over the last 10 years, researchers and engineers within the University developed a novel form of ultra-high temperature energy storage technology.

The system operates at temperatures of up to 1200°C and can therefore displace fossil fuels and the related carbon emissions in small- and large-scale thermal processes.

The processes that can be decarbonised collectively produce roughly 46% of global CO2 emissions.

Our technology will offer a substantially cheaper decarbonisation solution than hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, will be useable for smaller or more remote processes and will be market ready sooner.


The Problem

Our technology addresses two problems. 

Firstly, renewable energy sourced from the sun, wind, waves, or tides is clean and secure. Unfortunately, the energy that can be extracted from renewables and the demand for it varies both temporally and spatially. 

Secondly, ultra-high temperature processes, such as thermal power generation and several industrial processes, produce roughly 46% of the global green house gas emissions. In order to decarbonise, they need to be supplied with a clean energy source capable of providing the required heat. 



Our Solution

Our technology stores green energy when it is available on the grid in excess of demand, stores it and provides it to these processes in the form of ultra-high temperature heat.  

The Advantages

Modular enabling use for many processes

Our storage systems are modular and can be therefore be made available in broad range of sizes to fulfill the needs of almost all client processes. 

Electrical and thermal charging

The system can be charged by electricity or heat. Depending on the grid connections available we aim to enable rapid charging with high power . 

Versatile in application

The technology was designed to decarbonise as many process as possible. Consequently, it can discharge heat at various temperatures, pressures and flow rates. 

Ultra-High Temperature and heat retention

The energy is stored at ultra-high temperature (1200°C) with extraordinary heat retention. Enabling us to decarbonise to raise steam and to provide high grade heat directly.

Lifetime and sustainability

With servicing and small part replacements we expect our system to have a lifetime of more than 25 years. We only use abundant, non-toxic raw materials.

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Our Partners

The University of Edinburgh

Innovate UK

Climate KIC


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