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Decarbonising energy intensive industrial processes

Our modular ultra high temperature storage system can be used to recycle waste heat, or to fuel thermal energy intensive processes with energy sourced from sustainble sources. 


Various industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to cement and steelmaking, require large quantities of heat to manufacture their products. Commonly, the required energy is generated by burning fossil fuels and the waste heat is discharged into the environment.

Exergy3's thermal energy storage can increase the energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions of industrial processes in two ways. Either, by storing the waste heat at ultra-high temperature making it available for use at a later point in time, or by converting renewable electricity into high grade heat.  

By reducing the fuel consumption and charging the system when renewable energy is generated in excess and the electricity prices are negative, the user can also reduce their energy cost and participate in balancing mechansims. 

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  • Positive environmental impact as the stored green heat can be used as carbon-neutral fuel for the processes. 

  • The lower amount of fuel required leads to fuel and carbon cost savings. 

  • Additional revenue can be generated by participating in demand side response programmes. 

  • Increased energy price stability by partially decoupling operations from energy price volatility. 

  • Compliance with decarbonisation regulation. 

Technical Details

  • Our units are modular can be adjusted to the energy needs of the specific application. 

  • 36 MWh of energy can be stored within the envelope of a 40-foot shipping container. 

  • With a 72 MW connection, the system can be charged within 30 minutes. 

  • The charging efficiency is 100 %, as each unit of electrical energy is directly converted into a unit of thermal energy.

  • Excellent thermal insulation with a maximum energy loss less than 0.3 % per day.

  • Compatible with both AC and DC charging.

  • Can be integrated with existing renewable technology systems, i.e. trickle charge with solar.

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