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Cheap and sustainable heat supply for buildings

Space heating is one of the key drivers of anthropogenic climate change. We are developing a novel energy storage system that allows renewable electricity to be used for space and water heating. 


Exergy3 is designing a modular energy storage system to meet the space heating and hot water needs of buildings. The number of  storage modules used can be easily adjusted, which allows us to cater to the energy needs of a great variety of buildings ranging from individual households to large scale office blocks, commercial units and district heating schemes.


Our technology's ability to store surplus green electricity when it is cheap and discharging it as heat when required makes our technology financially attractive to users and enables carbon-neutral heating. 

The system can be both used for new buildings or can be integrated easily into existing heating systems. 

Combined with a micro heat engine, our system can also convert the heat back into electricity in off-grid applications. 

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  • Users who currently pay peak rates for electricity can take advantage of time-of-use tariffs. 

  • Positive environmental impact as the system can be charged solely by renewable energy sources like solar and wind and is constructed from abundant and recyclable materials.

  • The energy supply is also guaranteed during a dunkelflaute as our system can also burn gas (natural or green hydrogen) or alternative fuels if the thermal store depleted. Additionally, the Energy³ can operate without a grid connection.

  • Resilient to rate of usage and can be charged and discharged at any rate without degradation or a reduction in the system lifetime of 25+ years.

  • High-grade heat can be directly extracted for energy intensive processes (For instance, in a bakery or restaurant).

Versatility in Application

Due to the modularity of our system, we can meet the energy needs of a broad range of buildings. Such as, for example:

  • Residential houses

  • Small Businesses

  • Office buildings

  • Housing schemes

  • Student accommodations 

  • Off-grid homes

  • Schools

  • Hotels

In addition to that, our technology can be integrated into district heating schemes. 

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